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IJIE, vol. 35, no. 1, pp.1-6, September, 2017


Comparison with various mulberry leaves' and fruit's extract in lipid accumulation inhibitory effect at adipocyte model

Hyun-bok Kim, Jung Dae Lim, Ae-Jung Kim, Yong-Soon Kim, O-Chul Kwon
National Institute of Agricultural Science Kangwon National University Kyonggi University

Abstract: In relation to the global increase trend of obesity population, there is a demand for the development of foods having high functional activity by mass-extracting anti-obesity active substances using mulberry product such as leaf and fruit. Therefore, we evaluated the antiobesity efficacy according to varieties by using the mulberry leaves and fruit extracts. At the same time, high active varieties were selected. For this purpose, the effects of the extracts of the mulberry leaf and fruit on 3T3-L1 adipocyte differentiation were examined. As a result, in the case of mulberry leaves, the lipid accumulation inhibitory rate of ‘Cheongolppong’ was higher than that of the control at 500 mg/ml treatment. And in the case of the extract of mulberry fruit, ‘Daesim’ showed the highest lipid accumulation inhibitory rate compared with the control at 50 times of diluted extract.

Keyword: Mulberry leaf, Mulberry fruit, Anti-obesity


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