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IJIE, vol. 35, no. 1, pp.45-50, January, 2017


Drying characteristics of mulberry fruit according to storage condition using far-infrared ray dryer for the production of semi-dried mulberry fruit

Hyun-bok Kim, Wan-Taek Ju, Gyoo Byung Sung, Myeong-Lyeol Lee, Sang-Deok Seo
National Institute of Agricultural Science Chungchengnam-do Sericultural and Entomology Experiment Station

Abstract: Using the relatively low-cost, far-infrared dryer inhibiting the destruction of a variety of physiologically active components of the mulberry fruit, we have studied to make semidry mulberry fruit that can be kept at room temperature for a long time. By adjusting the temperature of the far-infrared dryer step-by-step, we developed a semi-dry method of maintaining the shape of the mulberry fruit. In addition, by drying the coating of honey after removing the juice generated by the mulberry fruit thawing process improved the acceptability of the taste of fruit. We conducted heat treatment mulberry fruit into a 95oC infrared dryer 5 hours to thaw the frozen mulberry fruit. After 10 to 20% of honey coating, the primary drying (95oC, 5 hours) was implemented. then, the secondary drying was conducted after controlling the temperature of the far infrared dryer 60 oC, for 10 hours. These manufacture process was able to obtain semi-dried mulberry fruit. Dry weight ratio and moisture content were around 25%, and around 16% level respectively. It was to enable long-term storage at room temperature. Therefore, it is suggested that the method of using the far-infrared drying machine to manufacture semi-dried mulberry fruit can be a way to improve the farm income if applied to the farm.

Keyword: Mulberry fruit, Semi dry, Far-infrared dryer


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