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HaeYong Kweon
(National Institute of Agricultural Science, Korea)
Managing Editor  
Seung-Won Park
(Catholic University of Daegu, Korea)
Editorial board
Byung Rae Jin
(Dong-A University, Korea)
Hyun Woo Park
(Florida A&M University, USA)
Gui Zhongzheng
(Sericultural Research Institute, China)
Iksoo Kim
(Chonnam National University, Korea)
Jianhong Li
(Huazhong Agricultural University, China)
Seong-Gon Kim
(Gangneung-Wonju National University, Korea)
Wazid Hassan
(Central Silk Board, India)
Hajime Mori
(kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan)
Hyung Joo Yoon
(National Institute of Agricultural Science, Kora)
Gui Zhongzheng
(Sericultural Research Institute, China)
In Chul Um
(Kyungpook National University, Korea)
Ki Hoon Lee
(Seoul National University, Korea)
Soo Dong Woo
(Chungbuk National University, Korea)
Zhongzheng Gui
(Sericultural Research Institute, China)

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